Wilmington, NC Photographer | Intimate In-Home Couple's Session

When Courtney told me about her family's gorgeous new home and all the natural light that pours in, it added to the excitement I already had for her and Webster's in-home intimate couple's session! Then add the fact that she decorated her home like it's straight out of a magazine, plus how comfortable they were loving on each other like they were the only ones there; this session was a dream! 
Before their session, I asked Courtney and Webster if there were any must have photos they were looking for and they replied, "Just photos that capture how truly deep our connection is. We get lost in our daily lives sometimes so it's not always front and center", and I think we captured it well! 
I had an amazing time photographing these lovers! And by the end of our session, after getting a feel for their comfort level, I asked if they were up for ending our session by getting in the shower together....
...they said yes...
...and it was amazing...

This was such a beautiful session. I feel so honored that Courtney and Webster invited me into their home and allowed me to capture their love.

Caution, I’m about to get real cheezy!
This picture is so indicative of our whole entire relationship... No matter the storm, and we’ve been through plenty, Web always protects me and takes the hit all on his own back. I have no idea where I would be without him and his love!
— Courtney