Wilmington, NC Photography Mentoring and Workshops

M E N T O R I N G:

Ready to take your art and business to the next level, but need help getting there? Let us help you where you need it. Whether you're a beginner looking to get those basics down, or a professional with years of experience looking to add to your skill set, we can help!

With our mentoring program, we go through any or all of these steps with you:

  • Camera Basics

  • Gear

  • Lighting

  • Posing and Composition

  • Photoshop and Lightroom

  • Editing Workflow - Find your look and keep it consistent!

  • Portfolio Building

  • Pricing - What are you worth?

  • Product Sales, Production, and Delivery - Why is quality important?

  • Branding

  • Marketing, Networking, and Social Media

  • Business Strategies

And so much more!

You'll also receive all kinds of goodies along the way, including personalized presets to help you keep your work consistent! We want to make sure you have a solid workflow and business plan, and we are there with you every step of the way! Also, because most of us creatives are hands-on learners, you’ll also have the opportunity to accompany us on a shoot!

Mentoring starts at $95 per hour with a two hour minimum; but the more you want to learn, the more you will save! That's right, the more hours you book for mentoring, the less it will cost per hour! We believe education is one of the most important and powerful things in life, and we want to help you grow!

We also believe that it's important that you, your business, and your clients' are covered; so when you sign up for 6 or more hours of mentoring, or one of our workshops, we will send you home with the CONTRACTS you need to keep everyone covered, for FREE! This includes a Portrait and Events Contract, a Labor and Delivery / Fresh 48 Contract (paired with a checklist to help make sure you don't miss a thing!), a Collaboration Contract (for working with other creatives' and vendors' for styled shoots and the like), and more! Now doesn't that make you feel safe?! The contracts we are providing you with are the same contracts we use personally. We want your business to be blessed and prosperous!


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Photography mentor for Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.

W O R K S H O P S:

We love to hold workshop events where we take you to and through the photo shoot, the editing process, and more! Workshop prices differ according to what teachers, venues, and other guests are involved; and each have limited spots available. Please contact us to find out more information about upcoming workshops.

NC photography workshops

When signing up, you'll receive FREE PRESETS FOR LIGHTROOM & ACR that are normally included in our Preset Bundles that we have available for purchase!

Connect with us to learn more about upcoming opportunities for ease in your workflow, and growth in your business!


**Disclaimer: Amandamarie Gillen is not a lawyer, nor is anyone on her team a lawyer. Amandamarie Gillen Photography is not responsible for any damages, lawsuits, or disputes that may arise with the use of any of the contracts provided. The contracts provided are in the form we personally use them, and though they cover a lot, many of the provisions may not be applicable to / or fully cover the way you run your business; so they are intended to be a guideline rather than a comprehensive, complete contract, and may need to be tweaked to cover any missing provisions applicable to your type and location of photography. Furthermore, you are not permitted to sell the contracts we provide for profit in any way, nor share them; they are only provided to those who take our courses.

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